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About Tigers Eye Gemstone

 Maximise Your Tigers Eye Gemstone

About Tigers Eye Gemstone

I can vividly remember hiking the Drakensburg in South Africa as a young Child.  As our family crossed one of the many streams found in the Drakensburg I spotted a stone as large as three centimetres.  The stone was a golden yellow colour with some brown it and a touch of black.  The Tigers Eye stone I founs was unpolished, and still raw but I could see the almost three D effect the beautiful stone had.  What an exciting find!  I have never forgotten that moment

Tigers Eye Gemstones are found in South Africa, USA, India, Mexico, and Australia.  Besides being a beautiful stone to look at, especially when it has been tumbled and polished. It has many uses.


About Tigers Eye Gemstone

Tiger’s eye helps us expand our awareness, increasing the ability to see new ideas and solutions to problems. It can assist in seeing the world in a more positive, optimistic way.

Like the fire element, tiger’s eye can assist us in shining more brightly, so that we can be seen and recognized in a bigger way. Tiger’s eye is an especially helpful stone when it comes to one’s confidence, taking action, and moving forward towards your goals. It can help you find the courage and motivation to step out of your comfort zone and into new situations and opportunities, helping you reach your fullest potential.

Tiger’s eye stone is connected to the sun and earth elements. It can harmonize fire element qualities, like inspiration and passion, with earth element qualities, like stability and grounding, to bring about balance.

If you want to step into a new opportunity or start something new in your life, try placing tiger’s eye in the Zhen area of your home. Zhen is all about new beginnings and growth. Tiger’s eye can boost this area by enhancing your motivation and helping you take those first steps towards your goals. 

Tiger’s eye is often used to increase abundance and prosperity, which makes it a natural fit for Xun. Place a tiger’s eye stone in this area of your home with the intention of welcoming more abundance into your life.

As a grounding, peaceful stone, tiger’s eye makes a great addition to the Tai Qi (Health) area. Use tiger’s eye to invite new ideas and solutions when it comes to your well-being or to stay motivated on your wellness goals. 

To increase your confidence when reaching out to your network of helpful people—including helpful people you haven’t met yet—try adding tiger’s eye to the Qian area of your home. 

Are you having a hard time staying motivated to finish that project you’ve started? Place a tiger’s eye crystal in Dui position to stay inspired and keep up your forward momentum. 

Try adding tiger’s eye to the Gen area of your home to expand your awareness.

To be recognized for your talents, you have to be courageous in sharing them. Often, this means stepping out of your comfort zone. Locate tiger’s eye in Li position in your home to invite courage and boldness.

Finding your path in life, as well as new career opportunities, also requires action and a willingness to put yourself out there. Try placing a piece of tiger’s eye in the Kan area of your home to remind yourself to keep moving towards your goals. 

The best relationships include both passion (fire) and stability (earth). To harmonise your personal relationships, add tiger’s eye to the Kun area of your home.


  • Colors: Gold, red, blue, black, brown
  • Chakra: Root, Solar plexus
  • Number: Vibrates to 4
  • Planet: Sun, Earth
  • Zodiac: Capricorn, Leo
  • Bagua areas: Li (Recognition), Tai Qi (Health)
  • Elements: Fire, Earth

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