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Traditional Crafters

Our Goal is to provide a platform from which beautifully, innovative handmade products can be purchased. Ultimateley sourced through partnerships with communities of African crafters. The crafters are highly sucessful in marrying contemporary design and traditional art and craft in an environment that supports a sustainable income for crafters and their families.

Many of the pieces are hand made and or meticulously hand painted by local craftsmen and woman providing much needed employment in a country with a high unemployment figure. The crafters reflect the true artisanal character of South Africa resulting in a unique and original pieces. Many pieces vary slightly due to them being authentically handmade, they are like once off pieces of art.

Many of the products are highly labour intensive, and provide much needed employment to local crafts people. Therefore no intention of modernizing the production methods will be entertained.

It is a sad fact that many crafters currently have no means of supporting themselves due to the current global circumstances, other than government grants and food packages. Once trade is open up again we wish to support as many crafters as possible through products that are ordered online. Untill then be kind to yourself take care of one another, and stay safe. We look forward to a new era.

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