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Karoo Lavender & Honeybush Soap


Handmade In South Africa

Karoo Lavender & Honeybush Soap

  • In the dry land of the Little Karoo, a small patch of lilac lavender flowers defiantly bloom in the January heat.
  • This is no Olde English Cottage lavender
  • Karoo Lavender brings the scent of sweet dry earth and the promise of rain.
  • Indigenous Honeybush plants, with their brilliant yellow flowers favoured by bumblebees, grow in the higher hills of the Tsitsikamma range
  • Honeybush, with South African olive oil, infuse this soap with soothing properties.


  • Veld-raised beef tallow,
  • organic Cyclopia genestoides (Honeybush) infused spring water,
  • sunflower oil,
  • coconut oil,
  • sodium hydroxide,
  • cold-pressed olive oil.

Essential oils of:

  • Lavandin abrialis,
  • Cedrelopsis sp./
  • Cedrus atlantica,
  • Styrax benzoin tincture.

145g, 90*55*31mm


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