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Hasani Child


Made In South Africa

Hasani Child

HASANI means “Handsome” in Swahili.

In Maasai culture, the men always eat first while the women and children eat separately or only after the men have eaten their fill.

Hasani Child

  • Cold-cast pewter sculpture of a young Maasai boy.
  • Height = 17cm / 6,7in
  • Composition of pewter figurines:
  • The core material of these ranges is a mix of silica and limestone bonded under pressure, which once it has been cast and cured, creates a strong, hard and durable material similar to ceramic.
  • This is then given a layer of cold cast pewter which is made with a process known as ‘Cold Cast Pewter’.
  • These are made by mixing real pewter powder with a bonding paste and applying this to the surface of the piece. This leaves a thin external coat of real pewter and when polished, it gives the piece the look and feel of a proper bronze sculpture, but at a more affordable price.
Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 17 cm


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