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Giraffe And Baby Statue


Made In South Africa

Giraffe And Baby Statue

Twiga means ` Giraffe – The tall one` in Swahili. Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up.


Giraffe And Baby Statue

  • The statuettes are made of cold-cast bronze, which allows the look and durability of bronze, while reducing the price and weight of the sculpture, which also helps reduce shipping costs.
  • The statues are life-like, with great attention to detail and distinctive features.
  • Cold-cast bronze sculptures are equally valuable as solid bronze statuettes, but are lower in price.
  • The process of Cold Cast Bronze is made by mixing real bronze powder with a bonding paste and then applying it under pressure to the surface of the piece. This leaves a thin coat of bronze, which gives the piece the look and feel of a solid bronze sculpture.
  • The bronzed range is not painted, and as a result will not fade or tarnish.
  • There are also no visible mold joins in the range of Statues.
  • Perfect for your home or Lodge for guests to admire.

Height – 45cm (17,7in)

Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 3 cm
Kids Leather Shoe Sizes

Small 0-6 Months 11.5cm / 4.25in, Medium 6-12 Months 12.4cm / 4.92in, Large 12-18 Months 13.8cm / 5.43in, X-Large 18-24 Months 14.5cm / 5.70in


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